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Purgatory, Damnation Books

January 2013

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Purgatory, Damnation Books

Tip-toeing through Mormanville

 This past weekend was the 2012 World Horror Convention at Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, having a hotel full of rowdy horror writers in the middle of Salt Lake City, Ground Zero for Mormons, just blocks away from the Temple, doesn't sound like a great idea. Nevertheless, this was the second time WHC has taken over the city, and other than a few strange stares in the elevator, there was little bloodshed and few captives taken. In fact, they treated us very well.

  This is my second visit to SLC and WHC and I loved every minute of it. I met some old friends, put faces to names I know from e-mail, Yahoo groups and Facebook. The city is beautiful, filled with history and, this time, offered a mild-weather weekend. It was abit breezy, but as an Arizonan, I'm used to that. However, I don't like snow except to look at. On the way home Sunday, we reached about 7000 feet and hit snow, wind and a heavy fog that made driving harrowing, but that was better than the blizzard of the last WHC when I had to bug out early to avoid being snowbound.

  In between carousing with friends, attending wonderfully informative panels and some great parties (Thanks especially to Kim and William at Damnation Books), I managed to pitch two novels to three publishers with hopefully good results. I'll know soon. The Bram Stoker Award party was a great success. A shout out to friend Jonathan Maberry for his new trophy. Maybe someday I'll be standing up there on the podium. I can dream, can't I? I never leave a con without purchasing a few books, this time two from Weston Ochse, a fellow Arizonan author. Now I have a few weeks worth of reading. Damnation told me a few of my books sold to people I had met and talked to at the convention. Being a social butterfly (Or catipillar) pays off.

  Rumor is that WHC is coming back to SLC in 2014. I'm looking forward to that, as well as the Horror Writer's Association convention in New Orleans in 2013. Killer Con in Las Vegas is coming up this year, too. It looks like a busy year. Anyone who writes or reads horror should make at least one convention in their lifetime. It's a real treat. For an author, networking with fellow writers is as good as gold. The pros are eager to share their secrets and the panels are geared for the amateurs as well as the pros.

  This year there were several cemetary tours and a seance for guests and an inpromptu magic act showed up at the Damnation Books party before the riot polce closed it down. Sigh. Great looking, scantily-dressed women rubbing fire on their bodies and tongues is always a pleasure to watch.

  I will post some photos on Facebook soon. Drop by, take a look and see what you missed. See you next year, I hope.



Where is the WHC going to be in 2013?